Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Virtually the whole day

Today was a good day;
I took off and wandered.
A quiet walk I first took
to this cool babbling brook.
On a rock I then pondered
near to banks of blue clay.

A garden in full bloom:
my journey's next stop.
Look, the petals' soft hues;
what are their names?
—no clues.
But what a wonderful crop
flowering sweet perfume.

My morning respite done,
it was time for a munch
on some coffee shop foods.
There some crazy cute dudes
were the liveliest brunch
bunch around. It was fun.

My afternoon was free
so I went to the zoo.
The tour guide was zany
though doubtlessly brainy.
When the tour was through
I left with some glee.

It was time to get home
and get prepped for dinner
I was having with friends,
chatting up latest trends.
(One is a Berliner;
another is from Rome.)

I capped off the night
with a Symphony of Bach.
I returned to reflection
on life's odd direction—
I was back on that rock
in the brook's morning light.

You see, I've really been
at my MacBook's LCD
all day, virtually spent,
wondering where it went.
So after a nighttime tea,
I tucked my tired tush in.

Virtual stops:
     Babbling Brook     Tena's flower garden
     CK's Coffee Shop (1)     CK's Coffee Shop (2)
     Australia Zoo Tour     yahoo chat
     Dinner With Friends     Chicago Symphony Orchestra