Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tapestry of Devotion

He sits in silence
before the lighted tapestry
hanging on the wall. Bolts
of the shimmering panel

emitting colors and grays
transfix his gaze.
His mind absorbs
its vibrant threads, while

holding the rosary
in his right hand,
caressing its beads,
pressing them

with his finger,
the beads transport him
to the stations
of the cross. Currents

of present and past
inextricably entwine,
each station bringing
a new meditation of

fear storms passion
laughter pain sadness
suspense ecstasy feasting

... 'til
his soul's
the red bead –
rosary's last jade –
sends him back home and
the tapestry fades.

for read write poem prompt #46: sacred poetry