Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Who Started the War on Christmas?
by Max Blumenthal - The Daily Beast

"'The War on Christmas' started in a white nationalist cabal and spread to conservative media." [more]

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Christmas: literally, Christ's mass

Christ: from Indo-European root ghrei = 'rub' (as with an oil in an anointing)

mass: from Latin missa = 'a sending away' (as on a mission)

There. I said it. Happy now?
Me, a secular progressive (SP) pinup boy. (I wish.)

Some people around me tell me how awful it is that retailers this season are prevented by evil, run-amok SPs from greeting you with "Merry Christmas". But when I went shopping this weekend I listened to actual Christmas songs — I heard "manger", "Christ", "Virgin", "pa rum pum pum pum" — coming from the speakers of Wal-Mart. (Maybe as a "progressive" I shouldn't have been in that store in the first place.)

I went to Barnes&Noble. Likewise. O Holy Night. Ave Maria, for Christ's sake. (I didn't hear Ave Maria in Wal-Mart though, I have to say.) One marvels at the fantasy world these warriors in the 'War on Christmas' live in. Maybe if they just shut up and listen they would see how wrong they are. But that will never happen.

Following from the etymology of 'Christmas', the word brings to my mind a massage therapy session: "The rubbing is done. You are dismissed. Merry Christmas!"