Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Quadrimesterly reflections: 2008/September-December

End of a year, end of a quadrimester. I reflected on the very first in the life of this blog (Quadrimesterly reflections: 2008/May-August); number two is due. (Bad choice of words, perhaps.)

  • In October, I "joined" the blogging poet community readwritepoem (see right-side panel), where every week there is a thoughtful prompt for a poem to turn in the following week. Like a homework assignment. After all, poets need some discipline.
  • In December, began a weekly Chaucer-esque serial The Geek Poet's Tale (in rhyming fourteener couplets — I hope).
  • More cogitations (bits of prose), some mixed with poetry. (As for prose-writing, Maureen Dowd is my poet cum columnist diva.)
  • Speaking of prose, at the end of this year, begot my "philosophical" wiki writing under deconstruction (side panel).
That's about it. (Oh yea. What happened outside this blog in the "real world"? Obama won — one of the few highlights.)

See you next year.