Sunday, February 22, 2009

Addison DeWitt

The land that is now the (curious) city of Addison, Texas (officially named "Town of Addison", international headquarters for Mary Kay Cosmetics, and Pizza Hut, home of North Texas Jazz Festival and Out of the Loop Fringe Festival, was first settled around 1850 by Preston Witt. [Wikipedia]

"In 1950, [actor George] Sanders gave his most widely recognised performance, and achieved his greatest success, as the acerbic, cold-blooded theatre critic Addison DeWitt in All About Eve, winning an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor." [Wikipedia]

Note: I have lived in Addison for a little over one year now, and am discovering interesting "facts" about the place. I think the Town of Addison, Preston Witt (Addison's first settler), and the character name "Addison DeWitt" coincidence is just that, a coincidence (and maybe I'm the first to observe this) but I could be wrong I guess. Speaking of "of wit": Addison is also home of Addison Improv comedy club.