Saturday, February 14, 2009


In preparation (defragmentation) of The Geek Poet's Tale (the Canterbury-esque tale of a poet from the planet Blogosphere traveling in a non-geek world), I have thought of the authorship of the blogger. A blogger — in his typical mode — is the master of his own blog, acting as diarist, journalist or columnist. But the blogger is not only king of his own blog, he travels to other kingdoms (other blogs) — in some cases, prompted by comments left on his own blog by other bloggers. He then drops his own crumbs around the Blogosphere.

These are, collectively, also the work of the blogger — his Blogcrumbs. (The blogger's Blogcrumbs can be "published" as a link on his blog.) Here is one recipe (terminology here is Firefox based) for maintaining Blogcrumbs (similar to Bookmarks):
  1. Under "Bookmarks", create a new folder named "Blogcrumbs".
  2. For each comment you author (and want "recorded"), bookmark the direct permalink to that specific comment, but with the "Name" some appropriate identifier (e.g. the first few words of the comment), and place in the "Blogcrumbs" folder.
  3. Bookmark the permalink to the post you are commenting on in the "Blogcrumbs" folder, with the prefix "**** " in front of the post title.
  4. When you want to "publish" your Blogcrumbs, "Export" [as HTML] the bookmarks into a file bookmarks.html*
  5. Edit bookmarks.html and extract the Blogcrumbs section of the HTML using an appropriate editor (TextEdit/Mac works fine)
  6. Write result as Blogcrumbs.html
  7. "Publish" Blogcrumbs[date].html as appropriate. (If you wish, put a link on the sidebar of your blog

That's about it for now. I'll play with the recipe and and see if anything tasty results.

* There is no way yet I see to "Export" a single folder of Bookmarks; hence, you have remove the other bookmarks via editing.

1. Blogcrumbs are not the same thing as Trackbacks.
2. It you add another comment to the same blog post, you would see that comment at the end of "Bookmarks > Blogcrumbs", and after the "**** blog post title" following the previously made comment. Here I use "Organize Bookmarks" to move the comment permalink up to its place above the post permalink.