Monday, February 9, 2009

The Geek Poet's Tale [the eleventh fragment]

[continued from the tenth fragment]

   The Geek, who had left Beat, asleep, now traveled on the road

   with the curious two: one of Puzzle, the other, Code ...

The two po's seemed familiars — the playful and the dandy.

Programmer-like one had an old typewritten sheet handy

Whose typographical play I caught sight of, displaying

Words unspun — this, to the poet of conundrum, showing.

He was seeking, so it seemed, some critique from the fey fop.

The logic-bender mused — his hand scratched his feminine mop —

Then let loose a laugh. He was getting the inside joke, while

I, outside, was left craving. But then, I glanced cross the aisle ...

[this ends the eleventh fragment*]

* More to be published, as they are recovered from Blogosphere's backed-up blogs. -pt

( fragments collected to date — newest fragments first )