Saturday, April 4, 2009

A letter from 'I' to the other letters

To my fellow letters:

A   is the first rung in the trellis of lits
B   is lips pursed, looking at butts—or tits        (your druthers)
C   is lips pulled back up over the teeth
D   the tongue's to the front of the teeth, with air beneath
E   is the mouth open, standing at ease
F   is an "E", lower lip pulled back, if you please
G   is a "C" with its tongue pushed up
H   is "A"-like, like a ladder — step-up!
J   is an "I" with a lower left-hook
K   is taking an up-and-down look
L   is the tongue on the ground-floor — going-up
M   is "Mommy" with pointy cups
N   is an "M", missing a stroke
O   is rounded lips, just blowing smoke
P   is a "B", or almost the same
Q   is an "O" with a mark on its name
R   is just "P", taking a rest
S   looks like a snake, making a hiss
T   is a table about to tip over
U   catches the eau — aka water
V   is a 'w'edge (spoken like German)
W   is a double-wedged sword, man
X   marks a spot, a target or ex-it,
Y   is when you throw up two arms and ask, "Why not?"
Z   is the buzz-edge of a saw, or the sound
         of a snore

From I   (the pedestal on which I'm adored)

2011/08/18: placed in Poets United Think Tank #62: The 3rd Letter Of Your First Name
(orig. posted to Totally Optional Prompts: A Letter)