Monday, April 13, 2009

On the road to a tea party

FOX News flak sheep
D'ya pull any wool
O'er eyes, o'er eyes?
Tea bags — full!
Some for the Palins,
Some for the Hucks,
And some for the FOX 'n Friends who
Think Obama sucks.

re Glenn Beck Gets Ready To Tea Bag

posted to Read Write Poem: road trip

(A poem about cars, Driving My Audie,

To drive my Audie [my speedster's nickname]
Is sweet dessert that tops off a dull day.
I take my Audie for a spin. My heart's aflame.
"Keep me well-lubed," his manual would say.
His rounded rear bumper up to his fore,
His sleek and smooth exterior kept buff,
Eagerly greets me opening his door:
"Please, drive me hard until you've had enough."
His engine revs up; I'm ready to roll.
I lay rubber, stick-shifting low to high.
Exhilarating speed: food for the soul.
Going fast, going slow, 'til end draws nigh.
I spurt to the finish, my head is spun.
To a stop, Audie sputters—one last gasp.
His engine cools down, piston-action done.
I release his shift stick from my firm clasp.
    "Adios," he says, "my driver most fond."
    "Vaya con Speedos, amor," I respond.

is from September, 2008.)