Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quadrimesterly reflections: 2009/January-April

My blog makes a run
around the bright golden sun.
A new lap's begun.

*   *   *

Today is the end of the first year in the life of this blog, and the last day of National Poetry Month, April 2009.

Over two hundred and twenty poems, plus a couple of dozen "cogitation"s. One year's work. This month includes thirty poems, one for each day of the month. I also completed The Geek Poet's Tale (Part I), my epic poem. (I "completed" it by calling the twelve installments so far Part I.)

I want to thank the poem-prompting site Read Write Poem, especially for this month's one-prompt-a-day, which led me to almost all of my poetry for the past thirty days of this National Poetry Month. I also want to thank Totally Optional Prompts for inspiration, this month as well as previous months. These two "communities of poets" are treasured-havens for poets of the Blogosphere, like me.

One change from my last QR: I don't do anything with the wiki I was toying with, but I started a new blog: the copy catalyst. I have become interested, both in terms of subject and possible measly income, in the field of copy. Here I primarily mean copy in the sense of advertising copy, and secondarily in the sense of articles (or copy) in magazines and blogs, etc. As a writer, I don't feel that I am a "story" or "narrative" person, but an "idea" or "concept" person. That's why poetry and copy fit the bill. Whether they can pay any bills — that's a different story.

See you in the Blogosphere and Twitterverse.

Phil Thrift is a Web 2.0 Age poet & writer living in Addison, Texas. Phil can be sited or tweeted @phil_thrift.