Monday, May 4, 2009

The Breakfast Channel

Good American Morning, John Roberts and Kiran,
            with your news-room wizarding giant iPhone-touchscreen,
            tables and graphs power-pointing presentation.
It's too early for lectures,
            but Sanjay is so cute
            with his stethoscope.

There's Steve and Gretchen, and that brown-haired guy,
            with their dumb-blond point-of-view
            after all those CNN charts.
The FOX & Fiends menu:
            Scrambled brains for breakfast.
            Up channel!

Morning, Joe and Mica ... and Willie too,
            you set just the right balance between dumb and smart;
            just the right table, Joe-bozo and Mommy.
I'll sit down to have breakfast with you:
            Poached eggs? Thanks, Mica.
            Pass the grits, Joe Scarborough!

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