Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Corso – The Last Beat” — now playing in Taormina

The World Premiere of “Corso – The Last Beat” will be hosted by the Taormina Film Festival (Sicily) (June 13 – 20). As an official entry at Taormina, “Corso…” will compete in the “Beyond the Mediterranean” section, among 8 films chosen by Taormina’s Artistic Director Deborah Young. “It is just right Festival to launch ‘Corso…’ To have an Italian debut for the U. S.’s most significant Italian-American poet would thrill Gregory Corso. I’m delighted myself” commented director, Gustave Reininger. “80% of “Corso…” was shot in Italy, France and Greece, which are major contributors to Taormina.”

World Premiere at Taormina Film Festival (Siciliy)

Hopefully — this is a good sign the movie is on its way to a US Fall general release.