Friday, July 10, 2009

What Does a Poet Do?

  1. Writes creative titles

    – Writes titles that hint about the poem; chooses words for a special reason

  2. Says things in unusual ways

    – Might leave out, make up, or repeat words just for the fun of itand to make us think

  3. Uses powerful vocabulary

    – Chooses words carefully

    – Uses Wow! words to catch our attention

  4. Uses punctuation in special ways

    – Uses punctuation for a special purpose and to help the reader

  5. Arranges words in different and unusual ways

    – Helps us see and hear all the different lines in the poem as we read

  6. Makes comparisons

    – Looks for unusual things to compare

    – Uses comparisons to make us think

  7. Shares feelings

    – Sets a mood; might make us feel sad,happy,cheerful,silly, amazed,or concerned

  8. Paints mental pictures

    – Describes using colors,sounds, sights,smells,feelings,actions, and thoughts as tools

  9. Shares messages and ideas

    – Chooses words and phrases carefully to share the message, to help us think,and to help us enjoy the poem

  10. Plays with words

    – Mixes the order of words, tries new endings,and looks carefully at every word to see where it fits best

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