Saturday, July 31, 2010

Poet Paul Squires remembered

From the poetry blogosphere comes the news that the Australian poet, Paul Squires, "has died on the 28 July 2010 of a tragic accident – a fall – at the young age of 46."

This is a shock to me. Going into a funk in July 2009, I had stopped doing poetry, and in a comment on my blog Paul wrote then “I miss your poetry, you must be busy, Phil.” He was incredibly supportive and inspirational. What talent he had. Now, after a poetical hiatus, I have started writing and reading poems again, rebooting my blog, and only returned today to Paul’s blog, to get in touch again, to catch up, and was shocked to find out what happened. What more he could have achieved will be missed.

News update: (Aug 3, 2010)