Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Twilight Sewn

A new clothes shop, not grandiose,
The queerest shirts and pants
Of fabrics unbeknownst to most,
A feel like tingling ants.

One purple shirt leapt out at me,
At least its arms shot out,
And captured me — I could not flee.
Choked back a stifled shout.

There was no choice, I have to buy
This magic purple shirt,
To take it quickly home and try
It on. So home I spurt.

Then o're me crept an antsy feel
And purple filled my brain.
I felt empow'rd with nerves of steel
'Gainst demons to be slain.

I saw the world in purple then,
Bad dogmas laid to waste.
A diff'rent nature filled me hence,
A world that I embraced.

That shirt I wear whenever weak
Or fear invades my mind.
When I went back more clothes to seek,
That shop I could not find.

*     *     *     *

placed in Poets United Think Tank #26: Weirdness