Thursday, January 20, 2011


Do the 1160s have a feel,
like the 1060s' Norman French?
Or the 1300s — that's 1300 to 1309 —
like the 1340s' Black Death stench?

The 1980s feel like Reagan
and Madonna's MTV.
The 1950s like Howdy Doody
and Them! scaring me.

The 0s were shortened,
only 9 years passed,
but they say Jesus was growing
up very fast.

Socrates' queries and Euripides' plays
showcased the the BC-410s,
while Clinton's pain-feeling 1990s
gave us Seinfeld and Friends.

The 2000s feel Lost
in more ways than one,
though all things technology
had quite a run.

1970s feel of wearing disco-polyester
while waiting in gas lines.
1960s — exploding Beatles
and marching peace signs.

Every decade seems destined
to its own look and feel.
How the 2010s feel remains
for 2020 hindsight to reveal.

*     *     *     *

placed in Poets United Think Tank #32: As Time Goes By