Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Grabbing James Franco


Once he was grabbed by Tobey's Spider-Man
        in streams of milky spew.
Then he was grabbed by Allen Ginsberg's Howl
        when he was thirty-two.

One-Hundred Twenty Seven Hours grabbed
        awards out the wazoo.
If I could grab the polymathic James,
        I'd call that quite a coup.

The Planet of the Apes then grabbed him hard
        and cut him down to size.
A grab of me by James Franco like that
        would give me quite a Rise.

The Broken Tower grabbed his eyes of how
        the poet Hart Crane dies.
But now it's film professor James that grabs
        his students by the eyes.

orig. (first two quatrains) for NaPoWriMo 2011
2011/08/30: updated and placed in the imaginary garden with real toads
2011/10/01: updated and placed in the dVerse Poetics ~ Pop Art