Saturday, August 20, 2011

The sounds of silence

The sound of puffs of dandelion seeds.
The sound that follows Shush, all people please!
The sound of space between the far-flung stars.
The sound of empty kitchen cookie jars.

The sound a cat makes stalking barnyard mice.
The sound of mammoths buried in the ice.
The sound amoebas make when eating death.
The sound before you take another breath.

The sound of strings in Hawking's Grand Design.
The sound of mourners at a hero's shrine.
The sound between two lovers as they age.
The sound of poverty's deep-hidden rage.

The sounds of silence play the silent roles
as nature's docudrama tale unfolds.

prompted by a Sylvia Plath verse on "silence"
and placed in imaginary garden with real toads