Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hello, I'm Google Plus. And I'm Facebook.


GP   Google Plus (Google+)
FB   Facebook

GP:   Hello, I'm Google Plus.

FB:   And I'm Facebook.

GP:   I see you've got a lot of users there, but all the cool people are moving over to me.

FB:   But everyone already has their friends and grandmas here with me who would never move over to you.

GP:   Yeah, but with me, you get to interact with thinkers and trend-setters. How are you ever a "Friend" with some writer or artist you don't know anyway. That's not the way it is in the real world. You might have someone in your Favorite Authors circle. They might have you in their Faithful Fans.

FB:   Hey, I'm based on the quaint idea of college facebooks. Didn't you see the movie? You have to give me a break.

GP:   Or you get to interact with people based on a common interest or subject. That's what circles do.

And with me, you can edit your posts after you post them. Heck, you can even edit the comments you make on other people's posts.

FB:   I'm working on all that. It's just on the long list of other things I'm working on to catch up to what people can do with you.

GP:   And check out my video Hangouts. You can share all sorts of things with people there since they're all in my cloud.

FB:   I haven't gotten this cloud thing pinned down yet like you have. But I'm working on it.

GP:   I can run circles around you.