Thursday, October 6, 2011

apple seed

you planted quite a seed
that set the goal of what computers do —
us from the crass you freed

you followed Darwin's law
that gave us Mac OS and iOS —
you gave us, geek and all

you made them sleek and cool,
the casings your iThing devices come —
your products set the rule

your iTunes came in pods,
you redefined for all the music biz —
your talks: worshiped like gods

iPhone sure made the screen
a graceful thing of Magic gesturing —
so simple and so lean

the once elusive pad:
you conquered what naysayers said would fail
but now wish that they had

your evil China shops:
if Chinese youth used your iThings to kill
would be a mean flip-flop

and now you are at rest,
your planted Apple tree will grow I know —
to that I can attest