Saturday, October 1, 2011

OccuPied (The Pie Party is born)

Did you know that the father of the Koch brothers was a founder of the John Birch Society?
The Tea Party - the ghost of John Birch - a tool of corporate interests redux - fed on anxiety.

But then The Pie Party is born. Some come in pleats. Some come with a beat. Then, they begin to tweet.
They have Occu'Pie'd financial districts. They have thrown a 'Pie' into the face of Wall Street.

They have occupied the growing income-inequality gap. They have occupied stolen futures.
They have occupied hopelessness. They have occupied police pens. They have gotten sutures.

They have occupied the space briefly filled with hope and change. They have occupied the vast ignored.
They have occupied the hundreds of billions a year spent on wars. They have occupied corporatists' hoards.

They have occupied the places ignored by politicians. They have occupied the gaps in the lies of corporatist liars.
They have occupied a show the corporate media did not know. They have occupied a new economy. They are the Occu'Pie'rs.

Andy Borowitz: It's weird seeing Wall Street filled with people who still have their souls.
Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Together are planning multi-city events during October.

photo (Ian Murphy's cell phone): click to read article

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  1. Outstanding. Really a great write.

  2. I am on my feet applauding this one! Wow, Philip, you have said a mouthful here. I love every word.

  3. And not a moment too soon. I've been wondering what happened to the marchers, the occupiers, the social conscience of this century.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  4. THis is MOST excellent!

    This line especially hits me: "They have occupied the hundreds of billions a year spent on wars" with meaning.

    I am so happy to see thee protests.

  5. It is so heartening to see the poet pick up his (cyber-)pen and lend his voice to the protest action. This is what I believe is meant by the pen being mightier than the sword as social consciences are raised.

  6. I like this, your words are wonderful! Great to see this work.