Tuesday, November 1, 2011


On Halloween — high holy day of gay —
the ids raid stores and closets for
the ego costumes that they hope will say,
"Tonight — this once — then nevermore."

The Mormons and some Christians say, "No-no,"
to guys who want to dress like girls,
"boys should dress like a Spider-Man" — who's so
more gay than wearing mink and pearls.

The night is done with costumes on the floor,
the day is brightening the sky.
The hallowqueens return to daily chore
of back-to-working shirt and tie.

LDS ward’s ban on ‘cross-gender’ costumes draws boos, The Salt Lake Tribune


  1. I so LOVE this, Philip! Good one. And yes, re Spiderman - he wears tights, what are they talking about??!!