Sunday, December 25, 2011

2011 in collision

Gravity supersymmetric'ly reigns:
That's what Large Hadron is trying to love.
Strings and branes and peppermint canes.
Is that what the M-verse is made of?

Arab protester's front page on the TIME.
Libyan rebels have raised a new flag.
Occupy's message has started to climb.
What happened to Tea Party's teabags?

Ebooks bypass the printers' ink jets.
Kindles and tablets and NOOKs, oh my!
The publishing world is hedging its bets.
The old-fashioned bookstore is starting to die.

Osama Bin Laden gets one in the eye.
Republicans give credit to Cheney and Bush.
"Obama's a weakling," Republicans cry.
"Tax cuts and shutdowns is all we will push."

Sheen and Weiner. Casey Anthony.
Jerry Sandusky? Sports fans' heads in sand.
Apes and War Horse just want to be free.
Time now to strike up the New Year's Eve band.

photo: LHC reports discovery of its first new particle, BBC News

placed in Poets United Poetry Pantry #81 and in dVerse Poets Pub Poetics—Endings & Beginnings