Tuesday, December 13, 2011

High-speed sonnet

Let every boarding be a Hitchcock thrill,
a mystery express from east to west,
a silver bullet train that kills the still,
revive a broken, stagnant land distressed.

And high-speed lines, like healthy arteries,
send lifeblood to the countrysides and towns,
and trains of populated coaches be
America's corpuscles world-renowned.

Reactionaries want no part, it seems,
and therein lies bemusing irony:
When once rail moved a country and its dreams,
it now could be its high-tech destiny.

What fuels romance at every turn? The trains,
that also are the dreams of bright geek brains.

Commentary: Obama should set as his goal his legacy to include the USHSRS (United States High-Speed Rail System), in the way the Interstate Highway System is in the legacy of Eisenhower, the moon landing of Kennedy.

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