Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Acts Of The Holy Ghost ~ Scene 8

  • Earth. JEESE tried before HIGH PRIEST CAI and THE COUNCIL. Sends him to the GOV. PYLE for execution.
  • CAI
  • Is it true that you say you've said you are the one and only son of God? I have a witness.
  • Well, I didn't pick my father. Or my dad.
  • CAI
  • And is it true you teach that the we are no longer under the Laws of Moses?
  • Well, ...
  • CAI
  • Well, I'll have none of that. I vote we turn him over to Governor Pyle to be executed. The Romans are always looking for a Jew or two to crucify. Let's give him JESSE! Who votes 'Aye'?

  • [THE COUNCIL (all raise hands). JESSE led away.


     H.G., MICHEL, GABRIEL attack guards in hallway
     and take control of JESSE.]

The Acts Of The Holy Ghost ~ A Play In One Act