Monday, February 25, 2013


This is the philosophy of codifism: Codes are the substrates of existence. What is thought, said, written, created is based on a code. All that is is based on a code. Codifism comes from digilectical materialism.

Codifism emerges from semiotics and electracy, pragmatists like Charles Sanders Peirce, John Dewey, and Richard Rorty, programmers like Alan Turing, Donald Knuth, and Tim Berners-Lee.

Codifists can be programmers, philosophers, poets, mathematicians, semioticians, ...

What can be expressed at all is expressed in the language of a code (a.k.a. a coding language).

Coding languages are everywhere: HTML, CS, JS, SVG, LaTeX:Math, XML, DNA, Twitlish, ...

Facts are just expressions in the language of a code that are useful.

All that is can be expressed in a coding language.

There are many codes, natural and invented. No one code rules.

Humans are natural codifiers. Codifists strive to codify.

Codify or die.

Update 2013-04-16: see The Codifist Manifesto