Friday, March 22, 2013

Brain codes

The human brain is a protoplasmic machine that generates new codes which it then uses to make programs to be run on itself.

Human brains biologically evolved to be able to generate new codes and therefore new culture.

Intelligence is the faculty of making artificial objects, especially tools to make tools.
~ Henri Bergson (@philo_quotes)

The universe is a machine running codes. Living things are machines running codes. We can create new codes.

Could 'consciousness' be brain code that is created to inspect other brain code (see code reflection)? It is something we can do, but perhaps not other animals.

The paper "Inner Sense" ( talks about the "I-code" (introspective code) concept from the book "Simulating Minds" by Alvin Goldman (

Introspective code (I-code) - Inner sense involves a "transduction" process that takes first-order neural states and produces a second-order representation in a "proprietary" code.

Looking at brain I-code as a form of reflective computer code* could be the best approach to begin to simulate consciousness.

* "Procedural reflection in programming languages" Brian Cantwell Smith