Sunday, May 12, 2013

Materialists and spiritualists together?

The "new atheists" have a lot to say about theism. But they do not have much to say about platonism, and that could be because they are speaking from their own platonistic platform of eternal laws. But as far as religion goes, their agenda seems to be to attack it indiscriminately.

Materialists are not like the platonistic atheists. In their rejection of platonism, materialists see that there is a fundamentalist aspect of some of the new atheists that is as misguided as what they criticize regarding those who are spiritual.

While materialists and spiritualists may differ in their conception of reality, they can find common purpose in building a more progressive and flourishing society. And that is more important than "winning" a "Does God exist?" debate. A creationist progressive is better than an evolutionist conservative any day.