Friday, May 24, 2013

The Code Age

Some names I've seen for the current "Age": The Information Age, The Digital Age, The New Media Age (really?), ...

As a codologist, it came to mind that the better name would be The Code Age.

I did a search* and it turns out this has been recently proposed by a blogger in India:

Would you call the current era “The Code Age”?
... I have dared to propose for so long that “code” is the fundamental building-block which creates the structure of human expressions and thoughts in the current era and all major influencing vectors like technology, economy and language are almost driven by codes and as human structure is code-dependent the power of code to influence human actions, functions, expressions and ideas cannot be denied … now, if the current era is influence in so overpowering manner by “codes”, would it not be proper to define this era as “The Code Age”? … …

And codes are not only the basis of human creations, but are the fabric of the natural world as well.

This is The Code Age.

* There is also the Code Age Commanders game, which, too, lives in The Code Age.