Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Acts Of The Holy Ghost ~ parts one through four

      draft version 2013-09-02    (PDF: 20 pages)


H.G. Taylor: H.G. could be Holy Ghost, but isn't.
Harold B.D. Lord: "Hallowed be the Lord" (when you say it)
Lord & Taylor: a famous department store chain
K.A. Fuss: Caiaphas (the leader of the Sanhedrin)
The Council: The Sanhedrin
Governor Pyle Ott: (Pontius) Pilate, governor of Judea
L.Z. Bubb: Beelzebub

These are all names as H.G. hears them (via NT = Noodle Translator) in his own language (whatever that is ... Heavenish?) and then written into English (which isn't Hebrew, which was the source).

Why did Harold and H.G. want to pick a surrogate mother on Earth rather than one on their own planet, Heaven? Maybe it's just their scientific curiosity that kicked in.

Close-ended strings, however, are like tiny rings, unattached to their brane, able to “leak” away from it.

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