Monday, September 8, 2008

Driving My Audie

To drive my Audie (my speedster's nickname)
Is sweet dessert that tops off a dull day.
I take my Audie for a spin. My heart's aflame.
"Keep me well-lubed," his manual would say.
His rounded rear bumper up to his fore,
His sleek and smooth exterior kept buff,
Eagerly greets me opening his door:
"Please, drive me hard until you've had enough."
His engine revs up; I'm ready to roll.
I lay rubber, stick-shifting low to high.
Exhilarating speed: food for the soul.
Going fast, going slow, 'til end draws nigh.
I spurt to the finish, my head is spun.
To a stop, Audie sputters—one last gasp.
His engine cools down, piston-action done.
I release his shift stick from my firm clasp.
    "Adios," he says, "my driver most fond."
    "Vaya con Speedos, amor," I respond.

1. "heroic" sonnet: abab cdcd efef ghgh ii
2. Audi TT speedster:
3. Audi A4: Best Car for the Gay Professional (2009)

linked to from Poets United for the prompt to write something "sultry" (July 31, 2010)