Friday, September 5, 2008

Wires from Earth

                           [from an unknown extraterrestrial journalist,
                            trans. Philip Thrift]

           I come from a binary star
           to a single sun's blue-hued orb.
           My morphing-suit puts me on par
           with its natives whom I record:

Bright lights and flame draw me today
to dancers and flags and parades.
These earthlings bring hope to my stay
with all lands, all shapes, and all shades.

A quarter moon cycle now spent
(their one moon is now in full light)
I'm witness to many ascend
to platforms wearing medals bright.

As the end of their games drew nigh
I wondered where next I would drift.
I noticed in a place mile-high,
another stage getting a lift.

This one, just like the one before,
was a mix of native color.
Again my expectations soar;
these earthlings now seem much taller.

The next moon-quarter set my gaze,
to a land of ten thousand lakes.
Another stage was being raised—
it's the last journey I would make.

A strange display has drawn to close
a meeting not like the others—
white-faced homogeneous rows,
mere semblance of diverse colors.

           I return to home pleased, but yet,
           while the first stops inspired a lot,
           the last stop has led me to fret
           on peacemaking coming to naught.