Thursday, December 18, 2008


        marea roja by ladyorlando

    fishies see*
                                        sea ahead
    lash their tails
                                        left and right
                                        turn their head
    keep their flanks
                                        in their sight

    fishies: shark!
                                        they must flee!
    they are the
                                        hunted one
                                        hunters be
    spear the fish?
                                        just for fun?

for read write poem image prompt #5, marea roja (other poems)
and (collaborative) prompt #57: 'tis the season ... (9. rob kistner - e.e. cummings)

* howstuffworks: Fish

Almost all fish focus their eyes by using their eye muscles to change the position of the lens rather than by changing the shape of the lens or cornea [as the higher vertebrates do.]

[F]ish swim by lashing their tails from side to side. When the tail is whipped in one direction, the front part of the body tends to turn the opposite way. Water pressure resists the turning movement and changes it into a forward motion.