Friday, December 19, 2008

Rick Warren, Rick Warren

"Warren told beliefnet* that he thinks allowing a gay couple
to marry is similar to allowing 'a brother and sister be together
and call that marriage.' He then helpfully added that he's also
'opposed to an older guy marrying a child and calling that a marriage.'
The reporter, who may have been a little surprised, asked,
'Do you think those are equivalent to gays getting married?'
'Oh, I do,' Warren immediately answered."

TIME, December 18, 2008

Rick Warren, Rick Warren, he's such a fat pig,
Saddleback, Saddleback, struts like a prig;
Rick Warren, Rick Warren, he's such a fat hog;
Saddleback, Saddleback, gays does he flog;
Rick Warren, Rick Warren, he's such a plum bum,
Saddleback, Saddleback, left in the scum.

Mihi ignoscas, Mother Goose.

*(starting about 2:15 into the video, until the end)

Watch and see what a slimy sleazebag this guy really is.

(Why doesn't the media play this in an endless loop like they did the Pastor Wright video? or is that a stupid question ...)

I still think that President-elect Obama — this pick exposes an Obama blindspot — should have picked the rather goofy Joel Osteen over the really sleazy Rick Warren, who is turning out to be the turd in the Inauguration '09 punchbowl, to give the inaugural invocation. Joel would not have gotten under conservative skins nor ruffled gay feathers, and his church is #1 while Warren's is #4. Also, as shown in this December 8, 2008 interview with Larry King, Joel was smart enough to keep his nose (and big teeth) out of the Proposition 8 fiasco, and would never say anything close to what Warren said, which makes him the perfect contrast.


2008/12/21 - from Informed Comment:

Warren said, "Let me just get this over very quickly. I love Muslims. And for the media's purpose, I happen to love gays and straights."

He explicitly mentioned meeting Etheridge, and explained that he has been a long time fan of hers, beginning with her self-titled first album of 1988. "I'm enough of a groupie," he said, "that I got her autograph on the Christmas album."

Rick Warren is obviously a very intelligent — and economically successful — man. But, really, can one imagine how someone like that (for someone who was not as intelligent or successful, one could have sympathy) can be so incredibly shallow?

(Melissa Etheridge didn't fall for this, did she?)