Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ted Haggard: The Musical


"In an HBO documentary set to air Jan. 29,
disgraced evangelical leader Ted Haggard
says he never claimed to be heterosexual,
as was once reported ..."

The Gazette (Colorado Springs), December 17, 2008

"[on Ted Haggard] Bottom, or power bottom?
Well, let me just say ... yes, bottom.
What turned Reverend Haggard on the most about you?
I think my body, for sure.
Also, it probably didn't hurt that I'm pretty well-endowed."

RADAR, November 2006 (interview of Mike Jones)

O, what low-hanging fruit could be more ripe
in a budding playwright-composer's sight
than the legend of Ted Haggard and Mike?

[Beauty, to the Beast:] "Please Don't Cry For Me,
but I have to pay Rent, My Fair Lady!"
[the once Jesus-Christ Superstar:] "O, we

"are as Wicked as can be, my Lion
King. My love, Ain't we just Misbehavin'!"
[stud, with Grease:] "Everything will be fi'n."

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