Monday, February 2, 2009

The Geek Poet's Tale [the tenth fragment]

[continued from the ninth fragment]

   Vying for spot on the bus near the syntax-breaking bard

   The Geek poet crossed the aisle — but then, he was put off-guard ...

I was about to claim seat when that spot was fast taken

By a dandy fey. He cradled, if I'm not mistaken,

A book with childish dust. I seated instead second-best

In the aisle-facing row in front of two, now to my left.

The programmer-poet recognized the puzzle-ing dude,

And they began to converse. I didn't want to be rude,

So I eavesdropped, pretending attention to my iPhone

Instead. Their dialog revealed their particular tone ...

[this ends the tenth fragment*]

* More to be published, as they are recovered from Blogosphere's backed-up blogs. -pt

( fragments collected to date — newest fragments first )

"prompted" by Totally Optional Prompts Repetition (rfp), or — more accurately — by the prompt's reference to The Hunting of the Snark (Lewis Caroll)


  1. These fragments are so cool. Are you gonna cover the whole of literary history eventually?

  2. Thanks!

    I'm not sure myself where this is headed, and how many more fragments will be "discovered". Maybe like the old movie serials. (Or NBC's HEROES.)

    But one thing I guarantee: In "The End", The Geek Poet lives.

  3. Hi Phil, and I wonder who the geek poet is? I'll have to check back after work and read up on the previous posts...

  4. I'm loving the fragments - unusually real.

  5. This sounds so true to life. I'm sure I've been on this bus many times.