Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Paradise Lost 2.0

The LORD's first words,
Rolling the dice
(Iambic two):
"Let there be flare."
The Man's first words
In Paradise
(Iambic too):
"Let there be flair!"

The Snake's first words
From Knowledge Tree:
"Come eat this fare."
The Man's last words
From Paradise:
"Life isn't fair."

for* read write poem prompt #64: out with the old, poem the new (gypo)

* I feel maxed-out right now on P.O.E. (Post-Obama's-Election) poems (O, a deer, Inauguration 2009, Séance Sonnet)

1. (iambic) dimeter
2. Language in Paradise Lost (by Ruth Rushworth)
In Paradise Lost, we find the following lines which record Adam's first words:
    … to speak I tried, and forthwith spake,
My tongue obeyed and readily could name
What e'er I saw.