Tuesday, April 21, 2009


a collage

With sun and moon, with earth and sea's rich gems,1
Long for my soul hungering gymnastic I devour'd
      what the earth gave me.2
Oh! that my young life were a lasting dream!
      My spirit not awakening, till the beam
      Of an Eternity should bring the morrow.
      Yes! though that long dream were of hopeless sorrow,
      'Twere better than the cold reality
      Of waking life, to him whose heart must be,
      And hath been still, upon the lovely earth,
      A chaos of deep passion, from his birth.3
I have no life but this,
To lead it here;
Nor any death, but lest
Dispelled from there;
Nor tie to earths to come,4
      up into the silence the green
      silence with a white earth in it
      you will(kiss me)go5

for Read Write Poem: list day [for earth day]
1 [Sonnets (XXI), Shakespeare]
2 [Rise O Days (Leaves of Grass), Whitman]
3 [Dreams, Poe]
4 [I have no life but this, Dickinson]
5 [up into the silence the green, ee cummings]