Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Review: Angels & Demons

The movie: Nothing like The Da Vinci Code's religious mythbender about the bloodline of Jesus upending the very foundation of Christian belief. This one is a pure thriller about a plot (with a devious "surprise" twist at the end) to blow up the Vatican, albeit with some science-fiction anti-matter mumbo-jumbo. Comical dialog and action, but it is so well executed by Ron Howard that the 2 hours and 20 minutes breeze by. Quite fun.

The good news: Robert Langdon, professor of symbology, gets to check out a "missing" book by Galileo, long hidden from the public, from the Vatican archives and take back to Harvard to study. Makes it all worthwhile — for him at least.

The bad news: The Catholic Church survives.

  Directed by Ron Howard
  Written by David Koepp
        and Akiva Goldsman
  (Novel by Dan Brown)