Monday, May 18, 2009

Spock's Sonnet

My human side so kindles yet my dreams
Suppressed within my calculations. Still,
My gain — forego all pains but lose the gleams
Of ecstasy — is not a bitter pill.

My mother, lost, — my father holds his pride
Within — my Vulcan home was turned to dust.
And love? I pass like beggars on the side
Of streets I walked so filled with grime and rust.

What I have left of mother's love is turned
Toward one I serve: my captain, who projects
All that I lack — the lust for life; and learned
A love for him that logic does perplex.

This solace quiets my tormented soul;
This simple poem restores my self-control.

posted to Totally Optional Prompts: Opposites

08/15/2011 - placed in imaginary garden with real toads