Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This culture pops with paparazzied boys

It is not fair to be old, to put on a brown sweater.
—William Carlos Williams

This culture pops with paparazzied boys:
The chiseled werewolves time may pass on by,
Those extras Lady Gaga's vids employ.
Of these, and more, I watch the clock and sigh.

You see, the years may tick away the days
Of gay abandon: Youthful heads which turn,
Which play to me with magic flesh flutes raised,
And glutes, like melons—'tis my grip they yearn.

Boy culture proves to be a mean size queen
Who measures youth and beauty o'er deep things.
And therein lies the paradox between
The fantasies and bound'ries old age brings.

     I've yet to pass that chasm yet, but see
     The signs around—which shouldn't bother me.