Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day 2010

America does not want to think about war today.

WWII may have been the last war America universally believed it needed to win. No war since — in Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia, or Iraq (twice) — rose any where close to that level. Today it has soldiers fighting in Afghanistan, but the majority opinion appears to be that they should be brought home. It is the only war actually connected to '9/11', America's entry into the 'War on Terrorism' (or, as some oddly call it, the 'War on Terror'). In other words, America feels that the war in Afghanistan, like the war in Iraq, is not effective in this War. Perhaps this is the reason that there are the stories of an increase in soldiers' suicides and psychological trauma.

This new War is a war America believes needs to be won, but understands this does not mean winning in any battle-field sense, or winning in any way that leads to an armistice. The veterans of this War will not be traditional soldiers, but intelligence agents and black-ops military specialists, most of whom will receive little public recognition or ceremony. There will be no parades.