Monday, March 4, 2013

Looping through the codiverse

I see coders as the new magicians, codifists as the new philosophers. They are coding and decoding the world.

I see the new generation endowed with digilectical electracy and widgets gone wild.

I see AI scientists programming machines with paraconsistent codes.

I see Dr. Phil Life Codes and Dan Brown Da Vinci Codes.

I see L-systems, QR codes, and semioticians codifying smiles.

I see tool makers under the spell of XML.

I see simulated brains and Tetris-made stains.

I see CSS and JavaScript making HTML be.

I see physicists coding in \(\LaTeX\):Math their next TOE.

I see a world that dances with codes.


Dances with Codes: A Loop Through the Codiverse is coming this summer from Cloudversed Publishing.