Sunday, April 7, 2013

CLUH: The compulinguistic universe hypothesis

The compulinguistic universe hypothesis (CLUH):

All physical reality is the output of code "written" in a coding language.*

compulinguistic - Of or relating to computer coding languages.

CLUH can be seen as a concrete version of MUH and CUH:

The mathematical universe hypothesis ( [1]):
All physical reality is a mathematical structure.
The computable universe hypothesis ( [2]):
All the laws of physics are computable.
(Note: [1] has this definition for a computable universe hypothesis: The mathematical structure that is our external physical reality is defined by computable functions.)

An alternative name for CLUH could be PUH: the Programmable Universe Hypothesis (but compulinguistic seems to be a more accurate descriptor).

* I take as the most basic language the probabilistic lambda calculus, which introduces a pure randomness element. So CLUH is a stochastic computational universe hypothesis.