Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Acts Of The Holy Ghost ~ part three

       continued from Sunday, August 18, 2013

~ Act 7 ~

After Jesse saved John from death by The Council, he went off on his own, wandering and thinking. I approached him, seen this time.

"Dad! What are you doing here?"

"I think you need a boost to your ratings. I have some things up my sleeve I think could help you."

"Like what?"

"Just some stuff your Father and I came up with. Here's some salve that can restore sight to the blind. You just rub in on their eyes and ... voilà!" I didn't go into the details of the nanobiotics at work in the salve.

"I can't make it on my own, eh?"

"Just a little help. People will flock to you after this."

I walked along with Jesse and by pure chance we came across a blind beggar. Jesse rubbed his eyes with the salve I gave him and within a few seconds the blind guy's sight was restored. "I can see! I'm going to tell everyone what you did!"

I returned to Heaven, but later went back. Not to observe Jesse, but to observe what was going on in The Council. I listened to a meeting going on.

"There are stories going around that this Jesse guy is practicing sorcery. As if his teaching isn't enough ..." That was the one I had assumed to be the leader. I learned his name next.

"I think we need to find out more about this, K.A. Fuss. We need an insider within his little group to tell us what is going on."

"I hear there's this follower, Judah, who can be bought for the right price. He seems the most distant," K.A. Fuss suggested.

"I'll see what I can do ..."

~ Act 8 ~

I was back in Heaven. Harold and I were in bed.

"I see our son is running into problems, H.G."

"I've been helping out here and there: some blind-healing salve, a walking-on-water illusion I taught Jesse, ..."

"But it seems the religious leaders there are getting ready to get rid of him. It's going to happen eventually. What can we do?"

"Gabriel, Michael, and I will go down and look after him. If they take action, we'll protect him."

"Good idea."

The three of us transfered to Judea and went to The Council room. We followed a group of them as they left, led by K.A. Fuss, as they approached Judah. We observed them as they give him a bag of coins. Judah led the group to where Jesse was meeting with his disciples.

"Arrest that man!" K.A. commands.

"Who the hell are you?" Jesse asked.

"K.A. Fuss, president of The Council. You are charged with punditry and blasphemy!"

Jesse was led away as his disciples scattered.

~ Act 9 ~

Gabriel, Michael, and I followed the group as they led Jesse back to the Council chamber. The "trial" they put him through didn't take much time.

"Is it true that you say you are the one and only son of God? I have a witness," K.A. challenged Jesse.

"Well, I didn't pick my father. Or my dad."

"And is it true you teach that the Laws of Moses are obsolete?"

"Well, ..."

"Well, I'll have none of that. I vote we turn him over to Governor Pyle Ott to be executed. He's always looking for someone to execute to boost his poll standings! Let's give him Jesse! Who votes 'Aye'?"

All raised their hands, and Jesse is led away. They take him to a government building where a soldier escorts them to a somewhat regally dressed man. Gabriel, Michael, and I blend in with the small mob that joined in with other Council members.

"Your own preachers have turned you over to me to be executed. What did you do?" Pyle asked.

"I just spoke the truth, I think."

"What is truth? What am I going to do with you?"

"I can't help what I believe."

The Council shouted at Pyle Ott, "Crucify him, or we'll get Caesar to replace you!"

"I wash my hands of this ... Take him away!"

As Jesse was being taken away by two soldiers, this is when the three of us decided to take action. As the two soldiers are leading Jesse down a hallway, we stun them with zappers and get Jesse safely away.

       continued in part four

Update 2013/09/01: parts one through four combined

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